Why You Should Try Out The Backpack Trend


They are the most versatile bag out there at the moment, and hello, hands-free! 

Street Style : Day Five - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

Image from Far Fetch – Style Guide

For a few years now backpacks have resurfaced in a big way. The last time I remember this bag trend taking off was in the days of Cher Horowitz. Today anyone from woman and men, and mothers can sport a backpack without looking like they are going you know, backpacking.

In case you’re wondering if you can pull off the look, my friends at Far Fetch have put together a great little shopping guide, to help you style any backpack, for any occasion. For example, lady-like backpacks can be totally fine at a lady-like event.  Check out my picks of my favorite backpacks, even the most luxurious ones, you know those bags you drool over when you window shop. Stay tuned at the end of this post for the link to The Style Guide, by Far Fetch. For more bags and more inspo visit the  Far Fetch website


See By Chloe $295 , Tory Burch $389, Moschino , Sophia Webster, Stella McCartney

Super Luxury

Anya Hindmarch, Fendi, Moschino, Chloe, M2malletier

Diaper Bags. Yes, DIAPER BAGS! 

Tiba+Marl $268


Herschel Supply Co. $106,  Diesel, As2ov, Kenzo


MSGM Kids,  Gucci Kids, Bobo Choses , Kenzo

Don’t forget there’s even more inspo at The Style Guide



How To Sleep Like A Baby

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Quick answer, it’s not just about your mattress… 

Lately, I haven’t been sleeping well. Blame it on the combination of peak allergy season + being 5 1/2 months preggers, or just blame my bedroom. This lack of sleep inspired me to research what can be done to zen out our bedroom; you know so that I can sleep longer than 3 hours.  As I suspected, creating a more tranquil sleep environment helps increase stress release, relaxation, and aids better sleep. Sign me up for all of that!

Most sleep experts recommend: keeping your bedroom clutter free and clean, buying 100% cotton sheets, trying out Aromatherapy, and investing in quality sleep clothing. There is no mention at all of investing in a high priced, trendy mattress or bed frame.

Keep It Clean

Your bed sheets should be your priority when you’re in cleaning mode. This is because bed sheets should be removed and washed every 7 days! This isn’t just an Italian mother cleaning obsession. There is science behind it, gross science. Your bed sheets collect sweat, body oils, saliva, outside dirt, sexual fluids (yes I went there) and even fecal matter. According to experts, if you have a cut or scratch on your body you risk getting an infection from dirty bed sheets.

Still, 1 in 20 of us washes our sheets only every four weeks. Not only should you change them more frequently, there is a particular recommended process. Microbiologists recommend washing your sheets in warm to hot water, and hanging to dry, to kill most microorganisms. It is also recommended to run a hot iron over your pillow cases, but I’ll admit that is too much, even for me.

Invest In Good Sheets

For me, this has to be the most difficult part about decorating a bedroom. For a husband and wife to agree on bedding there has to be a certain level of masculinity present and for some reason a lot of the color blue! I spent many, many months choosing our bedding. I read one popular interior designers recommendation to try out an entirely white bedding set. Sheets, pillows down filled blanket, cover and all. There is no way that would fly in our household, with a toddler and two large dogs constantly running through our room and jumping on our bed. It didn’t seem practical and I’m not sure how many households that would work for.

On the other hand, I have seen some photos of some bloggers bedrooms and let’s just say these husbands have no say in what goes down in their own home. No man wants to sleep on a bed that looks like a cupcake. The best compromise and my suggestion after years of struggle in this department, pick something with blue in it (yes their favorite color) but also with white and gray. Recently I got word that Ted Baker has released their luxury bedding collection in Canada.  Available at Hudson’s Bay the collection includes comforter sets, coverlets, and decorative pillows. The designs are bold floral prints, geometric and textured patterns, but are done in such a cool way I don’t think your husband would mind. I can see why sheets and comfortors of this quality, and that are this chic, would aid in better sleep.



Aroma Therapy

So once you’ve chosen some pretty bedding (that your partner approves of) and you vow to wash it regularly, the next step is to get yourself a pair of PJs. Most adults sleep in sweat pants, the t-shirt they wore all day, their husband’s t-shirts (guilty), old PJs that are tight and restrictive, or just plain ol’ naked. I’m guilty of a few of these actually. But one thing I am doing right is using aromatherapy to fall asleep. This diffuser from Saje Natural Wellness is my favorite way to experience aroma therapy in my home.


Have you already adopted some of these tips for a more zen sleep environment? Do they work? Do you have your own tips and tricks?

The Truth About Maternity Fashion

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Since the cats out of the bag that I’m expecting my second child in December, I can finally share what I’ve been giddy to share with the world for the past 5 months. I’m relieved and excited to share with you today, something very near and dear to my heart. No, I don’t have a fancy pregnancy shoot to share, and no I won’t be sharing “a conception story” (why though?)…

Truth be told, I’ve been dying to openly bitch and complain about something! I need to vent and get this off my chest.

Ladies, we haven’t come far from the days of our own mother’s pregnancies. I’ve seen the pictures, my beautiful mother, with her perm (LOL), wearing a tent with a table cloth pattern during all three of her pregnancies in the 80’s. No offense to my mom, or your mom, in the 1980’s there wasn’t much else to choose from. In the 80’s the goal of maternity fashion was to hide the bump, and the rest of your body I guess. Although today the styles have thankfully changed, I would say that respect for pregnant woman is still lacking in the fashion industry.

Variety, availability, and range of sizes. Personally, these are my three grievances with maternity fashion. I was pregnant in 2014 and now in 2017 and to be honest, things have gotten worse!

“Maternity” stores here in Toronto are lame. There I said it. The styles are more like something a 14-year-old would wear, there is nothing chic. I couldn’t hide my anger when I last visited one with my mother. My main complaint was that the cuts of the clothing and the patterns they used were juvenile, nothing I would wear even though keep in mind I’m not dressing for a work environment (I’m a stay at home mother). WHAT the F do woman wear to the office when they are pregnant? I shed a tear for them.

I admit there are several online options, such as Asos, but I personally have an issue ordering online when you can’t see the material, check out the quality and try on the item. Especially when you’re, not your usual size, and certain ahem, areas are much larger than they used to be. I’ve been reluctant to purchase online maternity clothing for these reasons.

Most woman I know, including myself, fight the need to purchase maternity clothing until they are in their third trimester. Why do you think they invented those stupid belly bands that are meant to keep your “regular size” jeans up even when you’re smuggling a basketball under your shirt? The inventor of that contraption just knew there was a  pregnant lady, somewhere out there, weeping in the Maternity section of a major department store because the selection was so shitty. A woman definitely designed the belly band. I know this because most men I’ve encountered in a retail environment are so clueless about how to dress a pregnant chick.

Last week, after visiting 3 H&M locations only to be told they don’t all carry the maternity line. So I drove out of my way to visit a location that supposedly does. My mother and I both searched the entire store twice over then concluded there was not any maternity clothing at said location. That’s when a helpful 20-something dude informed me that H&M has “Hidden the maternity stuff way in the back over there, right beside the newborn boy section, in the corner over there, do you see it?” Are you bloody serious?

The “maternity section” consisted of 20 pairs of black jeans (keep in mind it’s late July) and some t-shirt half hanging off hangers. I bought a pair of black jeans. I was desperate. H&M won.

Out of frustration, I took to the fashion blogs I follow. A lot of the girls I follow are pregnant or have just popped out a baby. I did some creeping on their sites and on Instagram only to discover that they too are avoiding actual maternity clothing. Zara, Aritzia, Club Monaco, these are not maternity lines. Yet every fashionable mother I’ve encountered online is exclusively wearing these lines until around 20 weeks. That’s exactly how many weeks I am today. So I guess I’ve reached the point of WTF!?

If you’ve been pregnant or know someone who was pregnant and still able to dress fashionably, and affordable please feel free to share your experience and shopping tips below. In the meantime, I’ll just be over here wishing I could get my hands on one of those table cloth tents from 1983.


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If you’re looking to switch up your beauty routine and don’t want to break the bank, but also want to see results, I suggest you try out Vegan products. No, you don’t have to be a Vegan to enjoy Vegan beauty products. If you do happen to be a Vegan, then hey; I’ve got a great brand to introduce you to!

Recently I had the pleasure of testing some Sade Baron products, a line of beauty products that are 100% plant based, cruelty-free, and handmade in my hometown, Toronto. This is kind of a big deal, for several reasons.

First of all, this may not be obvious but when you see “Cruelty-Free” on a label that does not mean that product is also Vegan.  Also, if you’ve tried many Vegan bath products before you will know that the texture, scent, and effectiveness of the product isn’t always on par with non-vegan products.

Personally, I always opt for natural soaps, because of my array of skin irritations and sensitivities. I am not a Vegan or a Vegetarian, but I have chosen to shop for more natural beauty products as of late. Supporting a brand that never tests on animals is also important to me. Also, my daughter likes to copy my every move and wants to try out all of my beauty products. I would only feel comfortable putting something on her skin that I knew without a doubt wasn’t going to harm her or cause a skin irritation.

If you ask a Vegan (which I happened to do) you will learn that it is difficult to find cruelty-free & vegan products, even in Toronto, that are affordable and also get the job done. Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be many homegrown, Canadian or local brands to choose from. And who doesn’t like supporting local?

Sade Baron happens to make natural and beautiful soaps. All of their products are hand-made with 100% plant-based ingredients and scented with Essential Oils, always without the use of synthetic perfumes. All made in Toronto!

After testing several products I have been raving non-stop about their Coffee Soap. I mean, cmon, I couldn’t resist trying that out. It sounds delicious, it smells delicious, and it is the most gentle exfoliating soap I have ever tried. Take a look at some of these ingredients: Cocoa Butter,  Olive Oil,  Coffee Granules, Grapeseed Oil Vegetable Lard, Rolled Oat Powder.


For more on Sade Baron check out their site here, where you can shop online.