About Nothing 2 Wear

Nothing 2 Wear was born in Toronto back in November 2012. I was getting ready to head out with my husband and I realized I had NOTHING to wear. The truth is I actually had a ton to wear, but minutes before leaving my house I suddenly decided I hated everything in my closet. During the dinner that followed I discussed with my husband the struggle I had getting dressed that evening, I guess I seemed overly interested in the topic because he said “You should start a blog”.

Ha! But bloggers are just wanna-be models. Posing on street corners wearing borrowed clothing. I would know, since I followed many blogs on a daily basis. Reading fashion blogs was a guilty pleasure of mine. I guess I knew for awhile at this point that I wanted to start my own blog, but just didn’t want to do what I mentioned above. Under no circumstances!

I wanted to create a space where I can rant and rave about fashion blunders, hot topics that affect woman, discuss what’s influencing consumers today, how to deal with the changes of motherhood, and most of all be very, very sarcastic. Sarcasm is kinda my thing. For awhile I tried out differant types of posts, trend roundups, fashion week reviews, and the typical stuff you would find on just about any blog. After becoming a mother in 2014 I realized that wasnt going to cut it any more. The dialogue had to change. 

I now prefer to engage in open discussions about body image and the societal expectations of how a mother should dress. And yes I’m still ontop of all the trends and I will be sharing some of that too, afterall this is a “fashion” blog at heart.

So here we are, the new Nothing 2 Wear. A blog about fashion but not just fashion trends. Fashion and beauty for everyone regardless of age, or status. We are funny, care free, mature and inclusive. While you’re here reading this “About” page,  I’ll share my promises to every reader. You’ll never find me putting anyone down on this site, or advertising a product just to make a buck. 

So, even though I may be a bit too sarcastic for you to handle from time to time, I hope you can join me here a few times a week as I discuss my daily struggle to get dressed, share my favourite beauty products and express my detest for pink! Don’t get me started on pink!!!

Thank you for stopping by!


* photo by my good friend Elaisha Green