What You Should Really Pack In Your Hospital Bag

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If you’re thinking of packing everything but the kitchen sink wake the heck up and read below!

I’m sharing some of my tips on what to pack and what not to pack for your most epic mini get-away EVER. Your labour!!!

Listen, I’m currently 8 months pregnant and seem to have less of a filter than usual, so I’m going to speak openly here. Some mothers-to-be pack for the hospital as if they are headed out on a mission to The Moon. And it drives me bonkers!

I’m not only speaking from experience, I’m also speaking as a well-balanced individual.

I mean, have you seen some of these checklists out there? Most of them recommend that you shlep 4-5 separate bags with you to the maternity ward.Mommy’s bag, Daddy’s bag (pfffff) baby’s bag, a “tech bag”. First of all, please don’t pack your partners bag, let them pack their own shit! You have enough going on. Pack for you and the baby that will soon be emerging from you. Pack snacks YOU will enjoy and let your partner hit up the food court when they’re hungry, at least they’ll be able to walk!

So what is some of the junk you can find in these online checklists? First, let’s talk about your “favorite pillow”. Believe me, hospitals have an abundance of pillows, and if you bring your own I guarantee by the time your baby and all its fluids etc come out it will no longer be your favorite pillow.

What about this idea of packing multiple fancy and cutesy outfits for your baby? Just an FYI that you don’t even know what size it’s going to be. He/she could be Newborn or could be 0-3, you won’t know until the baby is born. Also, the nurses and Dr. keep your baby naked most of the time as they rotate in every hour to do checkups/tests/first bath/etc. Bring pj’s that snap open and closed easily and a seasonally appropriate outfit for the ride home + several blankets or swaddles to throw over the baby especially if its winter because the nurses won’t allow you to put a coat or anything thick on that baby while they are in their car seat.

Also, maybe don’t confuse your labour with a 5 Star spa resort vacation. Leave your eye mask, ear plugs, incense burner, perfume and portable humidifier at home! This isn’t Club Med. Trust me you’ll fall asleep after giving birth, you won’t need to silence out anything on the maternity ward. Plus, it’s maybe not the best time to begin ignoring your crying baby during the night. Wait a few months for that.

Reading Material. Hahahahah ha ha hahah ha…ha.

An extension cord? Are you planning on also bringing a circulating saw?

Moving on. Here is what you SHOULD pack, whether it’s your first or fifth baby.

All sorts of wipes, baby wipes, facial wipes, feminine wipes, a hair tie/clip, dry shampoo, and mouthwash (in case you’re too lazy, tired to brush your teeth).

A cozy robe, thick socks, non-slip slippers, loose cotton underwear, nursing tanks – not nursing bras because the underwire will be uncomfortable while you lie in bed several days.

I doubt you’re going to be in the mood for full makeup, instead try a good moisturizer (hospitals are very dry) and your favorite tinted lip balm. Don’t worry, anyone who visits is well aware you have just given birth. They don’t expect you to be runway ready.

Baby outfits in 2 sizes, newborn AND 0-3. Undershirts and sleepers with feet because there ain’t a pair of baby socks in the world that fit a newborn.

At the end of the day, you can ignore everything I just said and bring whatever your little crazy, pregnant heart desires but what’s more important than what you pack for the hospital is what you steal from the hospital. Pads, diapers, anything that resembles a disposable underwear (I’m talking for yourself), take ALL OF THAT! Those pads don’t exist in the real world, and you’ll need them. Oh and grab an extra of those striped baby hats, or three. They fit babies for months and months and never fall off, they are magical.

Now that I’ve encouraged theft I would like to know what you are packing in your own hospital bag? Are you a minimalist, or are you Beyonce? Feel free to share below, I won’t judge too much, I promise.

3 thoughts on “What You Should Really Pack In Your Hospital Bag

  1. That’s super helpful!! I can’t do long lists, so this is perfect!! Hope we find these things to steal :D

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