Brands Doing Good: SENTALER 4 Sick Children (SickKids)

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It’s one thing to create a brand that has become popular with Celebrities, The Canadian Prime Minister’s Wife, and Royalty (aka Kate Middleton) but it’s something else to leverage your brand’s popularity and success to provide charity for others. For a brand that checks off both those boxes look no further than SENTALER.

Bojana Sentaler, Designer and Creative Director of SENTALER, the Canadian luxury outerwear brand not only designs a range of beautiful, cozy, and coveted winter coats (I wouldn’t cry if I had several of them hanging in my closet) but she has also started a children’s charity contributing to The Hospital For Sick Children, Toronto. In 2016 she introduced fashionable knit hats for woman and children that provided the means for her initiative. 25% of the profits from all hat sales is directed to the SickKids Foundation. SickKids Foundation raises funds on behalf of SickKids and is the largest charitable funder of child health research, learning and care in Canada.

In her own words Sentaler explains her decision to begin contributing to the charity, “Since I became a mother, I have admired the endless care and dedication that SickKids has been providing children in Canada and I always knew that I would find a way to give back”. 

All SENTALER coats and accessories are made from the world’s finest fabric, Peruvian alpaca. These alpaca are raised at high altitudes in the Andes and have developed microscopic air pockets in their hair, which act as a thermal insulator. As a result, SENTALER coats are soft to the touch and lightweight but still remain incredibly warm. The added environmental benefit is this process of alpaca sheering is eco-friendly and cruelty free! By using this specific alpaca fiber SENTALER creates jobs for the many Peruvian families who work in breeding these animals.

The #SENTALER4SickKids initiative launched in August of 2016 and will continue until March 2017. The hats are available via the SENTALER website, by clicking HERE.

SENTALER ships FREE world-wide daily from Toronto and is also available at Holt Renfrew, NORDSTROM and The Hudson’s Bay Company.

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