I Wore The Same Thing For 5 Days…And I Loved It!


Personally I find it difficult to put an outfit together during the Winter months, especially following Christmas. Its cold. Its slushy. Its grey. Its downright depressing. Everything seems falls apart after the holidays. Even my outfits.

Not to mention that having a demanding toddler with me all day, every day means I don’t have much time to outfit plan. Hahaha outfit plan? Whats that?  The reality is I wore black tights almost every day during November and December. At some point it hit me that I was stuck in a fashion rut.  Somehow my solution was to convince myself that sticking to a uniform during the week wouldn’t be the worst idea. It would cut down on time in the morning, and I would feel good about myself because I would be wearing my favourite pieces.

Since the last time I wore the same thing every day was back in high school (I hated it back then and was pretty sure I would still hate it now) I was kinda rusty at this.  I hadn’t realized that it was kinda addictive. Once you find an outfit you love you can easily see yourself wearing it and different variations of it over and over. And eventually someone might even say “thats your look”! Ahh the illusive personal style. Was this how it was obtained?  In fact, most fashion designers dress and design with their own uniform in mind. Think of all-black-everything Karl Lagerfeld, or DVF and her famous wrap dresses. These fashion power-players are not exactly degrading themselves by walking around wearing tights every day. They are simply settling into what they are most comfortable in, while remaining chic. They must believe that one can better express themselves with this sort of repetitive dressing.

My formula was pretty simple. Blue jeans + A basic shirt + a mature layer (like a knit or a blazer or a leather jacket) + Trendy shoes/boots + 1 accessory.

Sticking to this formula I was able to dress myself in a pretty solid outfit on Monday morning, and wear it all week long.  I had only one concern left. I would likely be wearing dirty clothing by the second day. I am after all a human napkin. So for the sake of this blog post I made sure to wash and re wear this exact same outfit over and over for that week. You don’t have to do that if you just swap out your top for something different, or if you don’t have a toddler in your possession.

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The details of my new “Uniform”, and options available today should you try it for yourself are below.

Joe Fresh Jeans

Just about any basic ribbed long sleeve t-shirt

Vince Camuto suede booties

Fringed Cardigan 

Choker (its only $25). P.S is anyone else PISSED they had to spend money on chokers this year? Didn’t you have dozens of them back in the 90’s. Don’t you wish you saved them?

Have you tried uniform dressing? If so please share your formula with us.

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