Brands Doing Good: Warby Parker

Girl Talk, Style

Although I’ve been told by my superb optometrist (aka my sis-in law) that I have “Hawk Eyes” I have been tempted lately to pick up a pair of frames, you know, for fashion sake. For the past little while its been trendy to wear stylish frames whether you require a prescription or not. But did you know there are 703 million in need people who live without access to eyewear? For those of us who don’t require glasses, or who have several pairs of glasses or contact lenses at home, we may not realize the impact of this statistic. Without proper vision this means these millions of people are lacking the skills to work in their trade. The impact of obtaining glasses for these millions is measurable. In fact, one pair of glasses can increase productivity and actually increase monthly income by 20%.

That is part of the reason why Nothing 2 Wear is featuring Warby Parker as a “Brand That Does Good”. Aside from offering killer frames and sunglasses, the company supports their Buy A Pair, Give A Pair initiative with monthly donations to charitable partners that purchase glasses for those in need as well as train men and women in developing countries to perform eye exams and ultimately sell eyeglasses at affordable prices.


Through their charitable efforts, Warby Parker has thus far donated over 2 Million pairs of eyeglasses. When I write about being a more honest, and relatable blogger, featuring brands like Warby Parker is exactly what I’m referring to.

Of course I also have a thing for their designs. This latest collection of new eyeglasses and unique sunglasses has totally won me over. Some of my favourites are pictured below. It is also exciting to announce that Toronto is celebrating the opening of a second Warby Parker store, this weekend! If you haven’t already paid them a visit you totally should, I’m sure you’ll find their creative branding and beautiful store design refreshing. And I dare you not to fall in love with several pairs of frames, even if you have hawk vision.


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