Fall Fashion Guide

fall fashion
What you need for a SERIOUSLY amazing Fall/Winter wardrobe! 

Fall is still over a month away, but in the fashion world we have officially pushed summer out of our minds for good. 

Fall is easily the biggest fashion moment of the year. Fashion Month is back, The September Issues all hit the news stands, and heavy hitting fashions take center stage.

Personally I go gaga this time of year, I cant contain my excitement when I see new knits and wool coats, leather booties and dark denim. But with soooo much to choose from every year where do you start? Obviously you cant buy it all (shame), so which trends and which looks should you go for? 

If you can only buy yourself ONE new outfit this season you gotta make it count.  So I say follow these simple guidelines. You need…

1. A great pair of well fitting blue jeans 
2. Booties or high top shoes, because they are the most versatile, can take you from fall into winter and early spring. 
3. An “it” bag 
4. A new scarf, because a new scarf can add life to any old outfi
5. 1 new accessory…or 2 :)  

Here are 6 examples of the above, featuring all hot new items from Shopbop! Including of course direct links to the items online!

One thought on “Fall Fashion Guide

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