Its In The Bag: March

blogger whats in my bag
What I carried in my purse, during the dry, cold and unpredictable month of March

When my daughter was first born I was a bit overwhelmed, to say the least. Adding to the pressure of having to feed, clothe and constantly keep this tiny human warm there were also a trillion baby products that I “needed” on a daily basis. Leaving the house was a mission. Also, I decided before she was born that I wouldn’t buy one of those god awful diaper bags. Instead I threw my wallet and all the contents of my purse into a large Longchamp tote along with all the baby items I needed . I stopped carrying a hand bag all together. I got extra lazy and forgot for a brief moment that I loved accessorizing. It was my first step in the direction of mom jeans, so when March hit and I had gotten my shit together a bit more I went back to carrying MY OWN bag.


During the month of March while fighting off the end of a super dry winter, functioning on VERY little sleep, and with little to no time for myself this is what I carried in my bag…

jcrew cell phone case

Kate Spade Handbag: This bag is actually quite tiny, so it forces me to carry only the essentials. The selling point for me is the long strap which allows me to wear it cross body, which is necessary when a crying baby demands to be picked up. 

L’Occitane Shea Vanilla Mini Hand cream

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Belle De Jour  I love this lip pencil because I find that I don’t need liner with this shade. I just throw it on, haphazardly I must add, and my only issue is remembering that I  have to sharpen it every once and awhile. P.S the Nars sharpener really works much better than others for their lip pencils. It is way worth the tiny investment.

I never leave the house without my phone of course, see my post about finding the perfect  phone case post HERE. Mine is no longer available but you can find similar HERE

dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment &  dermalogica Skin Defence Booster
If you haven’t been using Dermalogica skin products yet then after a brutal winter is the PERFECT time to start.  Recently they came out with these “travel” sized products and since I’d rather chew dirty socks than travel with a 3 month old I wont be going anywhere anytime soon, BUT I love products that I can take with me when I step out for the day. My skin has been so dry that I have to reapply my cream during the day and this one also is equipped with SPF so I’m covered even on sunny days. Dry and cracked lips is also a huge problem for me. Have you ever found that most chap sticks make your lips even more dry? Starting some viscous cycle of chap stick replying until your lips bleed? This lip treatment is a fantastic formula that has saved and rejuvenated my lips after only using it for 1 week. 
Saje Arnica Rescue Acute Injury Balm 

kate spade sunglasses

Kate Spade Harmony Sun glasses They say age is beauty….I do not agree. I am so afraid of ending up wrinkly and slouched over prematurely that I take extensive measures in my 30’s to preserve my skin. Wearing  glasses even when it’s foggy is one of my tactics. Even on cloudy days I still find myself squinting and that’s when my trusty shades get pulled out. I always have two pairs in my car, and these Kate Spade pair were a recent addition to my collection.

Do you have any staples that have gotten you through the end of winter? 

Stay tuned cause on April 30th I’ll be sharing what got me through the start of the dreaded…ALLERGY SEASON!!! duh duh duhhh

2 thoughts on “Its In The Bag: March

  1. You are hilarious! Love the commentary. Well March has been just awful and fantastic at the same time, today being horrible. My go to is my lip balm from L'Occitane. I have a permanent tube in my pocket.

  2. I'm deep in my allergen battle right now, and so far the only thing keeping me alive and a little high is Flonase and Mucinex everyday. As for the bitter cold, Nivea Cream is my must have until it warms up. Take it easy and try to avoid the pollen haze.

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