Nailed It: 12 Months Of Manicures

Beauty, Style
one year of nail art inspiration
12 months, 14 different manicures

Its no secret that I enjoy a good manicure. In fact when I’m busy or strapped for cash its the ONE beauty treatment I still allow myself. No exceptions. Of course I always leave it up to the pros, and here in Toronto that means Tips Nail Bar

Since I’m really into nail art I spend a great deal of time on the web looking for nail art inspiration. Pinterst and Instagram are perfect for that. Have you ever check out #NailArt on Instagram? If you’re looking for ideas it would be impossible not to find something there. Although usually I just leave it up to the lovely ladies at Tips to recommend a trendy design.

In case you’re stuck try looking at the most recent ready to wear runway images, the fabrics and color combinations are great inspiration. Or even look around your surroundings and you will find patterns that would transfer quite well into nail art. My most recent manicure (see below) was inspired by Christmas tree bulbs. I often also think about whats popular in beauty products or jewelry that current season. For ex since rose gold is HUGE right now for one month this year I had a rose gold spotted french tip mani.

Since I always snap a pic of my manicure right after I leave the salon I have quite the collection. Today I’m sharing all from 2014. Take a look and feel free to Pin if you happen to be looking for inspiration.

plaid nail art
christmas nail art
nail art
modern french manicure
black and white graphc manicure
marc jacobs inspired manicure
evil eye nail art
glitter manicure
flamingo nail art
rose gold nail art
black and gold manicure
shades of grey manicure
forest green manicure
festive nail art

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