How To: Avoid Buying Maternity Clothing

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i have nothing to wear tshirt

What to wear and what to avoid through all stages of pregnancy (if you wanna take my word for it at least)
Based on the title of this post you may assume I’m one of those bitches who look like they up-sized their Wendy’s combo rather than got knocked up. The truth is that at 32 weeks I have only purchased 3 “maternity” items, and I have relied on tricks and creative maneuvers to build my wardrobe these past 8 months.  With respect to whether or not I prefer to up-size my combo the answer is, of course, YES, but I am definitely not waif-like, I am actually quite pregnant, like bump into walls and can’t bend at the waist pregnant. Regardless of how many idiots loving individuals tell me I’m “huge” I have not felt the need to drop much cash on a new maternity wardrobe. Instead, I have discovered several hacks that I thought would be nice to share in the event any of you ladies also have a pumpkin growing under your shirt, or hope to harvest one in the future.

 late first trimester

joe fresh stripe dress

Let’s start here and skip the first two months because there typically isn’t much of a change happening yet. You’re not “showing” at least right away, although you are hella bloated. But I just want to state the obvious right away and mention that you should buy yourself a new bra for heaven’s sake!

Joe Fresh is your BFF
Most of your clothing still fits, for NOW. Don’t go out and buy a ton of new stuff in your “real size” because those items won’t fit for much longer. Just enjoy what you already have while it lasts. Since it was summer when I was in the end of my first trimester I grabbed three Joe Fresh striped dresses (that’s one in every color) and wore them for several months, accessorizing and layering differently to switch my look up. Joe Fresh has been my savior in general, they have lots of loose pants in a variety of prints with a draw string waist, look at THESE, and many different varieties of the simple cotton dress that fits even though it’s not “maternity”, it doesn’t have to be. I think that’s my number one tip, get to know Joe very, very well if you don’t already.

first trimester fashon ideas

second trimester

second trimester outfit ideas

You may still be concealing the fact that you’re preggers, waiting for your first ultrasound or the right time to break the news to everyone. Lucky for you “regular person clothing” still fits for the most part.

Go a size up
This was the time when I simply wore Joe Fresh, or Zara jeans in two sizes up, I didn’t wear any of those stupid belly bands or have to tie an elastic around my jean button closure (that’s just so ghetto I’m sorry) my two sizes up jeans sat just below my tiny bump and were really comfortable for almost two months. If you hit up Old Navy, Joe or Zara the jeans are cheap and come in many so cute colors.

YES you can still shop for cute stuff
Also, Anthropologie has cute and easy to wear tops that are fun and tend to be on the longer side, to conceal your low rise jeans. And a lot of their lines, like Maje for examples go up to size 14. This was a huge problem for me, I am usually a size 8 in tops and I had no idea all this time that most cute stores and designers didn’t carry anything past size 10 or 12, that’s really rude guys! Anthro is on the more pricey side so if you want to buy yourself something good quality and cute to feed that shopping urge do it now so that it fits you for a month or so.

You can’t fight it forever
Now, by mid second trimester, I caved and picked up three pairs of maternity jeans because regular jeans without a belly band felt awkward and I risked showing my midriff, which is just weird. H&M has the best ones at an affordable price, they are very stretchy (I got skinny jeans, pictured below) and the band is also quite comfortable. Their claim to fit “thought out all stages of pregnancy” has proven to be true…so far.

style the bump ideas

Also, I found that shirts that didn’t fit me anymore looked pretty good tied around my waist. This is where you have to start getting creative if you want to change your look every day.

how to dress during pregnancy

third trimester 

third trimester outfits

Hahahahahaha you’re screwed now.

Don’t be afraid of Jersey
Just kidding, it’s not that bad. Loose dresses and long tops and sweaters (as long as they are not restricting around the chest) still fit! Woohoo, and they look super cute, not gonna lie. Now is your time to wear that jersey dress that you were always self-conscious about and couldn’t eat a full meal while wearing. I’ve chosen to show off my bump not hide it under tent-like tops because it’s not 1940.

Tights as pants
I also came to grips with the fact that breaking a major fashion rule is OK right now. Mainly, tights are the new jeans. Specifically Talula tights from Aritzia in size Large – the high waist style. They are so damn comfy I am also wearing them to work on the regular. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to stop wearing tights once I’m no longer pregnant. Tights are amazing! Did I really just say that?

baby bump outfits

One of my favorite discoveries as the weather got cooler has been Joe fresh pantyhose in their largest size. “Maternity hosiery” can cost anywhere from $35 and up. But Joe hosiery is only $8.  I find that size “D” is long enough to cover my belly, just like maternity pantyhose would! I cut the elastic vertically to open them up a bit so they aren’t restricting and there you have it, I can wear dresses now throughout the winter without spending tons on maternity tights.

Embrace accessories
TIP don’t go to a mall to peruse the new collections.  Just hold off for now, you won’t be pregnant forever. Instead get your nails did or get a fresh hair cut, buy a new lipstick, a big hat…or even better yet, buy a pair of shoes, and a cup cake. Mmmmm cupcakes.

anthropologie hats

Speaking of shoes. Your feet may swell anytime soon. Don’t try to jam your marshmallow feet into heels it will only make the swelling worse. Instead, reserve your heels for those rare days when you’re not swollen and buy a cheap pair of loose fitting flats for those days when you resemble the Michelin Man. Below, at 31 weeks I’m wearing a dress from Aritzia and a pair of heels because it just happened to be one those lucky days. Two photo-bombing Dalmatians not included.

dress the bump pics

So there you have it, all of the tips and tricks I have come up with over the past few months to save some cash and also look half decent while pregnant. If you have previously gone down the same route and have any tips to share please do so.

7 thoughts on “How To: Avoid Buying Maternity Clothing

  1. I think you just saved a pregnant woman somewhere out there with wardrobe woes! Sound advice especially the HM pants – great affordable option! Love that you keep your bump stylish!

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