How To: Dress Like A Mean Girl


you go glen coco tee

Happy 10th anniversary Mean Girls!

If you’ve ever jokingly (or seriously) addressed a gal pal with “Boo you whore” you’re gonna love this post. If you haven’t, then please don’t tell me you also don’t know who invented the Toaster Strudel, or that you have no idea who Glen Coco is and you’ve never uttered “That’s not even a thing”.

Today is the 10th anniversary of the release of Mean Girls, and if you haven’t seen it by now I suggest you download it asap, or rent it, or whatever people do these days to watch old movies.

While I don’t condone actually being a mean girl since bullying is not cool and should never be trending, sprinkling your vocab with cute catch phrases and wearing a graphic tee with movie quotes is totally allowed every now and then. Especially when those catch phrases come from one of our generations most quoted films.

So in honor of this milestone anniversary I bring you….

How to dress like a Mean Girl

1. First you will need to find the perfect graphic tee.  There were so many good ones on screen for you to use as inspiration, bonus points if you find one that quotes the film, like the You Go Glen Coco tee above. If you’re like me then you already have a bunch of them, stuffed in the back of your closet and untouched for most likely the past ten years since the release of the film. Bust one out today, I give you permission.

you cant sit with us

2. Pleated mini skirts or leather skirts. Turns out pleated skirts are having their come back moment this spring, only today’s length of choice is to the knee or longer. But I suppose its alright if you were to wear a short-short one…just for today. Wow were they ever short in the film, reminds me of my Catholic school uniform. Opps.

mean girls ten years later

3.  Try on all pink everything, on Wednesdays of course. I cant believe I actually just said that. I’m slightly ashamed, but in the spirit of the movie, I’ll let it slide.

mean girls anniversary

4. Pink, shinny lip gloss. This used to be my go-to, but these days I’m more of a matte lipstick fan. I have to admit thought that when I watch American Idol every week and see JLo’ super shiny, sexy lips I am tempted to bust out an old lip gloss. That’s gross, I meant buy a new one of course.

mean girkls regina

“That’s so fetch!” Isn’t it?

Oh and here are some fun facts you may not have known about the costumes in Mean Girls.

So I wanna know, are you Mean Girls cult fan? Did you dress like the Plastics when the movie first came out?

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