Fashion Week Highlight Day 1: Line Knitwear

fashion week toronto

In case you were wondering what I have been dreaming of all weekend (you creep) check out this week’s series of round ups of my top 5 collections from World MasterCard Fashion Week.

Fashion week is over in the T Dot and us bloggers, street style photographers, models and socialites are all back at our day jobs. I’m left with a couple blisters on my feet, a lot of goodies from sponsors and an Iphone full of blurry pics (whether I was in front row or 5th row my ability to snap anything publishable or Instagram worthy is severely lacking)

I attended 25 shows this season, I saw leather, sequins, plaid, animal print, a bridal collection, feathers, bandage dresses, lots of wool (after all it was F/W) and even more fur than I thought I would see. Each show was very different from the next, some designers were known for their intricate evening wear, others for their sportswear, some for outerwear. Its not fair to pick favorites here.

Still, every evening there was one designer who completely blew me away. Based on my own personal style and my own preferences I fell head over heels in love for 5 of the collections.

As a result, this week I will be sharing these 5 collections with you. So just in case you missed out on World MasterCard Fashion Week this time around you are more than welcome to live vicariously though me and Nothing 2 Wear Blog.

Day 1 Highlight: Line Knitwear

This collection was inspired by the contrast between “strong, pretty and hard and soft”. That also happens to be exactly on point with how I like to dress, and accessorize, so its no wonder this collection really screamed out to me. I’ll also admit, despite being an activist against the color pink, I really enjoyed the use of the different shades, and textures of pink layered together in several of the looks. Other highlights included the angora shoulder snoods, and the use of velvet which happens to be my favorite fabric! Also each model wore a gorgeous, glittery ear cuff that created quite the buzz with us audience members. Three of my favorite looks are below.

croc skirt
leather skirt
line knitwear coat
Learn more about Line Knitwear at and check out some other striking looks from their Fall/Winter 2014 collection below.
robe coat
angora snood
pink leather
all white look
line knitwear

photo credit George Pimentel.

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