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Who was the rookie this fashion week? Hint, you’re reading her blog right now…

I haven’t been the “new girl” for quite some time. I cant remember the last time I went somewhere alone and was unfamiliar with my surroundings. Nobody enjoys being outside of their comfort zone, especially me, the girl who prefers to spend her weekends on her sofa with Netflix and a Snuggie. 

So let me tell you, I was a tad nervous gearing up for this week. This week being of course World MasterCard Fashion Week in my home town Toronto. 

Armed with my Media Pass I ventured out to the “tents” Monday night all alone. First, I lined up for 15 min in the line for those who were picking up tickets only to be told I didn’t have to line up at all (because I had a Media Pass..BAZINGA!). When I finally got inside after wandering around like a lost deer I ended up at the Media Lounge. Now, I like to think I have a pretty strong grasp on the English language, yet the signs indicating which entrance to use for the runway were not making sense to me. I asked the volunteers about 823456783 times where I should wait before one came up to me and told me to just stand with her. Bless her sweet heart. 

Minus the fact that I was wearing my MOST uncomfortable pair of heels I ended up having a great night. Thanks to a friend who was there and showed me the tricks of where to sit and when to take my seat, and some new friends I met that night. 

In case you’re assuming that everyone who attends fashion shows is a snobby biatch, or that everyone in attendance stares you down to see how many designer items you’re wearing, that is completely untrue based on my experience. This isn’t Devil Wears Prada folks, this is just a group of peeps who are quite social, love a good laugh and some great fashion. 

Speaking of the fashion, if you’re interested please stay tuned for later this weekend I will be covering all the Spring 2014 trends that came down the runway (once the shows are done of course, there’s still one more night, so calm down).  

One of the most memorable shows I’ve attended so far is the Merceds-Benz Start Up National Final. This was a a showcase of the 8 designers who were selected as finalists in the national competition. The intent of this contest is to promote and propel emerging designers who have been in the Canadian fashion atmosphere for 5 years or less. The winner receives coaching from a panel of fashion EXPERTS (for ex. Jeanne Beker) and the chance to have their own full runway show at next season’s fashion week in Toronto. 

This was the first time there was a tie, two lucky designers got to claim the prize, they are Malorie Urbanovitch and Matiere Noire

one of the winning looks from Malorie Ubranovitch
one of the winning looks from Matiere Noire

I had my own personal favorite, Dreamboat Lucy, created by sisters Louanna and Hilary Murphy of Prince Edward Island. I was really impressed by the collection, and equally as elated that you can shop their collection online. Here are a few of their looks from the show from their Spring 2014 collection.

Their collection was also one of the only ones in the competition and in fashion week in general that incorporated COLOR. I’m a huge fan of black and white but for cmon, for spring and summer we need to embrace color. 
So there you have it. the newbie has officially posted her first Toronto Fashion Week piece, stay tuned for more this weekend. I will be there tonight for the final 3 shows and will be posting all weekend my reviews and more of my story as the new girl. 

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