Redefining Animal Print: Animal Graphic Fashion

Marcus Lupfer
Cutesy animals on clothing; not just for your 12 year old any more….no seriously

I started today off with a startling revelation; I couldn’t find my horse-head printed Zara blouse. I searched three times, four times and finally a fifth time in the “white” section of my closet (color coordinated closet) but it didn’t turn up. It must be in the wash, but the other quite plausible explanation is that my husband burnt it.

I am not ashamed to admit my love for patterns and colors more likely seen on children than 30 year old women. I have an impressive (impressive?) collection of animal graphic clothing shoes and accessories, but yet not a single actual animal print, leopard, cheetah etc doesn’t exists in my wardrobe.

I personally don’t think I can pull off animal print, I have given it a try many times but always end up looking like a rejected extra from an 80’s music video. I actually envy women who can pull it off, I have one such friend who was BORN to wear animal print, she makes it look good…real good. Meanwhile I spend my time drooling over Roberto Cavalli but the reality is I proudly own a sweater with a giant Dalmatian head across the chest….you gotta do what you gotta do. 

In case you share in my sentiment I have put together a short list of animal print “stuff” that may interest you. The Marcus Lupfer sweater pictured above is at the top of my list, its priced pretty steep, but how can you look into that deer’s eyes and say no? 

marc by marc jacobs
Marc by Marc Jacobs Cat Sweatshirt


 Alice + Olivia Zebra Clutch

Halloween print shoes

Charlotte Olympia Bat Print Suede Pumps

kate spade clutch

  Kate Spade Owl Clutch

marc by marc jacobs

 Marc by Marc Jacobs Animal Medley Bracelet

burberry dog sweater

  Burberry Brit Dog Sweater

kenzo sweater

 Kenzo Tiger Embroidered Sweater 

marc by marc jacobs

 Marc by Marc Jacobs Zebra Slippers

For me the key is to wear these items contrasting  against other “mature” pieces, I tend to wear an all black look, or simple black and white whenever I’m wearing my Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats Balancing the novelty flats with a classic black ensemble helps make it OK that my shoes have whiskers.  

Have you embraced the animal graphic trend yet? 

I would love to know how you incorporate this trend into your wardrobe, and if you have any tips of your own on how to do so without looking like you just got picked up from daycare feel free to throw that in. 

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