Jump Jump


See that jumper up there? I tried it on last week at BCBG and ever since I have been day dreaming of hanging it in my closet (and then wearing it of course)…sigh. My love for this silk ‘onseie’ does not only extend to the BCBG variety, but to every single jumper I have laid eyes on this spring. I have come to the realization that I am crushing BIG TIME on jumpsuits!

Back in the day when I would see a jumpsuit on the rack or on someone I would cringe. Sadly jumpsuits, jumpers, rompers, whatever you want to call them were not always a thing of beauty. But they have come along way.  

Now they are a versatile look that makes you look pulled together – pun intended – and bonus points for being so damn easy to throw on and eliminating the need to choose a top AND a bottom ugh, lazy people unite! I used to be afraid of one piece outfits because frankly if you choose one that is not ‘right’ for you they can make even the hottest bod look disproportionate  IE. if you have a boy shaped body like moi you do NOT want to attempt a jumper with an elastic band waist. Instead you should try on something a tad loose that can be cinched with a belt to create the illusion of a waist line. PS this is my slimming trick for dresses as well. Throw a potato sack on me with a wide belt and I am happy.

So what should you look for in a good jumper? Listen up, I will give you my two cents.  

1. Quality material: this will help eliminate the ‘cheapo’ factor, let’s face it, a jumper is not the most glamorous sartorial choice. But one in a nice fabric, say ummm, SILK, can really look classy. P.S, when looking for silk I usually (always) turn to BCBG.

 2. Figure flattering cut: my first jumper was a spaghetti strap short combo that had the dreaded as mentioned above elastic bang around the waist. It was horrid. I purchased it from Urban Outfitters and paid a pretty penny but hardly wore it because it did absolutely nothing for my figure. It sagged in the front and rode up my butt, just disastrous. My brother even made a snide comment I will never forget he asked “what the F are you wearing?” Please don’t put yourself in this position, find a jumper that is flattering and rock it with pride! 

3. Season appropriate: There is a time and a place for everything right? While a jumper with pants can be worn in any season really, it doesn’t really work when you throw tights under a jumper with shorts and attempt to wear during the winter months. Its just not “right”. 

So with those 3 simple rules in place I believe it should be easy to locate an awesome jumper to add to your summer wardrobe this year. Just in case you’re still not sure what to look for her is a run down of several types that you can try on based on your jumper comfort factor. 

jumpsuit shopbop
1. Jumpers for Beginners
If you’re just starting out I recommend not jumping (heehee) straight into a pants jumpsuit. Try out a simple flirty version with shorts and halter that doesn’t attract so much attention. It can be easily worn during the summer months with flat sandals, high sandals, wedges, anything your heart desires. Even flip flops pool side. It’s a good way to get your feet wet (heehee I did it again) with this trend. The floral number pictured above is a great example of this. Parker Atlas Jumper from Shopbop

BCBG jumpsuit
2.The Formal Jumpsuit
Believe me when I say it’s easy to pull off something like this. The cut is figure flattering and the color isn’t too bold, there is no crazy print going on or embellishments, it’s a simple navy with a belted waist that will look good on anyone. If I were a jumper virgin I would be inclined to try something like this, it’s a perfect example of how they can very well be classy. Not all jumpers equal pool party you know. Navy Peplum Jumpsuit from BCBG and Raspberry Jumpsuits from Zara
Zara jumpsuit
3. The Risk Taker
OK, a pantsuit in a vibrant pattern is not the most versatile wardrobe addition I will admit that. With a suit you can always separate the pieces but with a jumper you cannot, so yes I acknowledge its a bit more risky. So if you’re feeling gutsy try something like the short+blouse combo below, or for full our crazy the lil DVF number with the orange, yellow and blue pattern is sure to turn heads. Printed Jumpsuit Ted Baker London and Silk Jumpsuit from DVF. Personally my fav of all the jumpsuits I posted here is the DVF version. Guaranteed nobody else will be wearing the same outfit as you if you stepped out in this little get-up. 
Ted Baker London Jumper
DVF jumper

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