Leaving On A Jet Plane


I am going on vacation, what do I pack? A lot of people struggle with this question, they don’t know what to pack or what to leave behind, and have no clue how to fold, stack and organize and ultimately forget important items at home.

I will admit I once traveled to Amsterdam without a single pair of underwear, I didn’t forget to pack make up, hair products and more than enough outfits, yet somehow my panties were left behind.

These days I record and organize everything I pack in an Excel spreadsheet, and no, you don’t necessarily HAVE to be that thorough, but it wouldn’t hurt to be.

Friday I am heading to Dominican Republic for bestie’s destination wedding! I am all packed and ready to go after weeks of considering which clothing and accessories would make the cut.

In the spirit of packing for an amazing vaca I would like to share with you a few items I believe are staples for any vacation. All items available on Shopbop 

 1. A large tote: Personally, I don’t think it’s appropriate to board a plane with a designer hand bag, unless maybe you’re sitting in first class and have oodles of space to place your precious belongings chances are your purse will be shoved under the seat in front of you or thrown in the overhead compartment. Also, practicality should be taken into account, you will be carrying your wallet, passport, Ipad, magazine, maybe a novel, snacks, one of those inflatable head rests (its you’re nerdy and you’re me) etc, so space is a necessity.

FEED tote

THIS isn’t just a large tote, it’s the new Rachel Roy Limited Edition FEED India tote . I have last year’s Tory Burch for FEED bag and it is easily one of most favorite totes. It’s the perfect travel bag. And um, its charitable, its a no brianer. 


The limited-edition FEED India Bag was designed to raise awareness and funds to help fight hunger in the country that is home to one-quarter of the world’s hungry people. I know I will be grabbing my own soon as I can get my hands on one.

 2.Comfy yet fashionable shoes: Unless you’re Victoria Beckham I highly doubt you will be wearing your 5 inch Louboutin’s on a plane. I prefer a simple slip on when travelling. I choose flat espadrilles over running shoes because they are much lighter, you can skip socks (ewww socks) and they’re easy to kick off if you are one of those people who enjoy changing into slippers on the plane. 

lace espadrilles

I usually opt for TOMS, but if you’re looking for something a little different and a bit more fancy you can try out a cute lace pair of espadrilles like these ones. 

lace espadrilles

3. An easy to wear dress: A simple, affordable dress that can be folded without  getting totally wrinkled. And may I add  that a floral print would be ideal. Why? Because a bright floral print is really versatile and will look great in pictures. 

floral print dress

 This one from Splendid would be perfect! I am a huge fan of Splendid and have packed their dresses on many a vacation. 

floral print dress

 4. A jumpsuit: yes I said a jumpsuit. I have become obsessed lately with these easy to wear shirt + pants combo’s, who doesn’t love getting dressed in 2.5 seconds? You don’t have to find a shirt to match your pants, you don’t have to work to tuck in your blouse, and you don’t need to plan an outfit, you just slip into a jumpsuit and go! Its brilliant, and so is this jumper from Juicy

juicy floral print jumper

On vacation that is a luxury you want to have, you’re too busy sun tanning and stuffing your face at all you can eat buffets to stress about your fashion choices. I love combining shorts with long sleeves (only if its light weight fabric, please don’t be one of those people who wear shorts with a turtle neck or a sweatshirt, they are just confused) 

juicy floral print jumper

5. A Jean Jacket: I take my jean jacket with me every single time I board a plane. No matter where you are traveling you can bet the plane will not be perfectly climate controlled, and your lil denim jacket will come in very handy here. When you reach your destination if its scorching hot you can then fold that jacket easily and stash it away. Mine has visited Dubai, Italy, Miami, New York and Costa Rica; what a lil globetrotting jacket it is.

rag and bone jean jacket

This one is light and perfect for summer, or any warm destinationtrust me if you invest just a lil in a quality jacket you will wear it and wash it over an over.

rag and bone jean jacket

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