I Got It From My Mama


“Mom”; it’s the hardest job description to define, but any mom would tell you that being one is a joy, and in fact not a job at all. While a dictionary search will tell us that a mom is simply a female parent, we all know there is much more to this full time career than that definition lets on.

This is actually a difficult post to write, mainly because my mom is my best friend, but also because I recently moved out and I miss seeing her on a day to day basis. And also because I am an emotional sap, I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not emotionally stable enough to watch The Notebook let alone discuss my mommy in a blog post to the general public. 

But my mom truly deserves a shout out on Mother’s Day, in fact all moms’ do, so I figure my way around having an emotional break down while typing is to discuss her fashionable influence on me over the years. Although I should say the fact that I write this blog is attributed to her respect and love for literature. She taught me to always be reading SOMETHING, she got me my first magazine subscription, took me on coffee dates to book stores and always encouraged me to read rather than sit around and watch television. 

The only reason I started this blog is because of my passion for reading and creative writing, so thank you mom.

I’m getting mushy so I feel like I should move on…. Obviously your mother would give you the clothes off her back if need-be; mine just lets me take them straight out of her closet.
While we joke that I am a jewelry, scarf and purse thief my mother has always trusted me with her most valuable possessions, diamond stud earrings that I wore on my wedding day, her precious canvas Fendi purse, a set of pearl earrings I haven’t taken off in 7 years (they were a gift from my father before they got married), and her irreplaceable vintage Wayne Clark dress.

I love borrowing (stealing) from my mom’s closet.

Over the years it became a habit because I was a starving university student for 7 straight years, and being a fashion loving adult there was nothing better and cheaper than sneaking into my mom’s closet when I wanted a “new purse”.

But my mother’s influence on my fashion tastes dates back much further than just my early 20’s. Over the years we experienced together shopping in Milan, a brave venture out to the fashion outlet in the middle of the desert in Vegas, a trip over the boarder to Buffalo for deals and many, many, MANY last minute visits to the mall because I “ didn’t have anything to wear” to whatever event I was attending that night.

Don’t get me wrong, she is often the first person to remind me that I don’t need another pair of shoes (can you really even have TOO many pairs of shoes mom? Really?) But she still remains tolerant of my fashion obsession through years regardless of the fact that my closet in her house is still over flowing, even close to 1 year after I moving out.  What can I say? .…I have clothes in different area codes ;) 

But one of the most influential things my mother has always done is speak her mind when it comes to fashion. Actually, if you know my mom,or me for that matter, then you are aware that we speak our mind about EVERYTHING!

So I wanted to share with you a few of my mother’s most noted fashion tips/tricks and general pet peeves.

1.      White shoes should be banned. This is a sweeping general statement, and it is precisely as it reads, all white shoes should be gathered up and burned. The end.

2.      White pantyhose also should be banned. Same explanation as above.

3.      If you’re pants are too short you are waiting for the flood, proceed immediately to a tailor and have your hem lowered.

4.      If your thong is showing whether you bend over slightly or bend over completely you are in trouble.

5.      PINK, is not a color, it’s a nightmare (now you see where I get it from)

6.      Short skirts are reserved for those under the age of 40.

7.      Don’t you dare leave the house with a visible wrinkle on your clothing. Go back inside, take off that top and teach yourself how to iron darling.

8.      Shoulder pads should have never been invented. I fully agree mom!!! (I have broad shoulders, they make me look like a football player)

9.      The 80’s and everything fashion related should stay in the past.

10.  NEVER perm your hair! This is valuable advice people, take it from someone who premed her hair over the course of 3 decades.

I hope you can relate, and if you have your own set of fashion rules inherited from your mother then please do share below in the comments. I sure know my mom will be commenting the second she reads this post….

To all the moms out there, keep doing what you’re doing and don’t under estimate the influence you have on your lil girl, because who knows;she may blog about you one day and you wouldn’t want to be called out for wearing white pantyhose with white sandals!

I love you mom, happy mother’s day!

pics by Laura May Photography * 

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