SPF Required


Jut so you know, I am leaving for somewhere very warm and sunny in 7 days from now. I am looking forward to one week of swimming in the ocean, lounging pool side (swim up bar!) but more importantly, bestie’s WEDDING! 

More on that later, I promise I will post a destination wedding fashion guide before I depart :) 

Today we are talking about what to pack for a week lounging pool side, while you sip sugary drinks and pose for hundreds of pictures with your friends. You want to look your best don’t you? 

My favorite part of any beach outfit are the accessories, not because I am uncomfortable in a bikini but because its me, duh, I am an accessory hoarder! Usually I spot a cute bikini and wonder what cover-up would match it, which sandals would compliment it, and I am constantly debating weather or not I should adopt the beach jewelry thing accessory?? On that note: I believe there is a time and a place for beach jewelry and over accessorizing. Are you playing beach volleyball at a lake? Or on a banana boat ride in Cancun? If you answered yes to the above then NO, the answer is no, you shall not wear beach jewelry. 

Below you will find one perfect example of when its OK to wear some jewels poolside, check it out for yourself along with two other beachy outfits. 

1. I call this my Monaco look, because well, if I were to visit Monaco during the summer this is what I would wear on my private Yacht. Jay Z would dock beside me and B would totally be into my stunning silk Etro kaftan. Let me break this look down for you, the bikini is Versace, and I believe there are rules to abide by when you’re wearing Versace. Mainly, you cant possibly pair this bikini with anything less then a spectacular cover-up, and a frikin hand bag that I will be dreaming about for months now, sigh. Lastly, do i really need to mention that nobody in their right mind would wear flip flops with this outfit! Valentino studded sandals are much more appropriate. 

designer beach wear
super cute straw hat, stunning silk Etro kaftansilver and quartz wrap bracelets, Valentino stud sandals,YSL polish, Versace bikini,canvas and bamboo box tote, watersnake trim sunnies


2. This next outfit is perfect for any vaca down south. The bikini is swim friendly, its not just one of those fancy ones you cant get wet. A SWIM SUIT that cant get wet….I never got that.  I love Marc by Marc nylon bags because you can stuff them with anything, throw it around, fold it up when you don’t need it any more, and finally wash it after a week of abuse on vacation. 

designer beach wear


3. Are you planning on spending a weekend at a cottage on a lake this summer? You do know that packing your most expensive clothing would be a very foolish move, instead I recommend picking up some cheapy bikini’s and outfits, cause of course you still want to look cute while roasting marshmallows. These swim suits are under $30 and those sunnies are under $10. Can you say perfect cottage/glamping gear? Yes that’s right, I used the word “glam-ping”. 

affordable bathing suits
knotted floral head wrapsunniesZara bikiniZara studded sandalsStraw beach bagheart print one-piecejoe fresh eyelet cover-upSephora nail polish

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