Links a la Mode: April 25th 2013

Girl Talk, Style
Hey there, I have something very serious to share with everyone…

Totally kidding, I don’t have anything serious to say at all, in fact I wanted to share this picture of me and bestie doin what we do best; actin a fool. 

Apparently IFB didn’t judge when I revealed my most embarrassing photo’s, and they chose my post as part of their weekly round up. Feel free to check it out below and please also take some time to peruse the other awesome blogs in their list.

Links a la Mode

Be Yourself

With summer fast approaching, we're all taking it easy when it comes to putting on a show. Summer is always more laid back, down to earth and relaxed... a perfect time to reflect on the madness that is everyday life. This week's roundup did a lot of reflecting, from the poses we put on for our blogs, the hamster wheel of personal style on the web, going modest when everyone else is baring it all, letting our hair be it's natural beautiful self, and even embracing your "eye bags." If you're wondering if fashion blogging is shallow or conscious or if Galliano deserves forgiveness this is the roundup for you this week! If you're just looking for some excellent DIYs for the weekend, we've even got a great floral crown, hand stamped jewellery, and shirt dyeing project for you!

Links à la Mode: April 25th, 2013    

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