The Round Up: March 1 2013


Happy Friday! This week’s round up is a mixture of girly things that I have been using on repeat lately…

1.  Pretty ring dish’s: I don’t usually leave my jewellery out, but I couldn’t resist picking up two ring dish’s from Anthropologie this past summer. I wasn’t certain I would end up using them but they have become my favourite way to store jewellery. Not to mention they remind me to put my rings on in the morning because they are so sweetly displayed on my bed side dresser, I cant miss them. 

Ring Dish 

Check out this one which is still in stock at Anthropologie. I think I’m going to be paying them a visit to add to my collection. 

2. Gold Rings: What’s a ring dish without rings? I have been wearing this gold BCBG pave pyramid ring every day this week and never-mind all the compliments I got, I also now have some frightful colleagues who assumed I was wearing it for self defence. Its OK to keep people on their toes ;) 

pave ring BCBG

3. In your face pink lipstick: I have been going through a red-matte lipstick phase for the past 6 months ever since my wedding. But a few weeks ago while passing through The Bay I noticed the M.A.C counter girl had on a gorgeous fuchsia colour that I could almost see from across the store. The shade was M.A.C’s new “Candy Yum-Yum” pink. Ask yourself, how can you resist a lip stick called candy yum-yum? No, I didn’t think so and that’s why I picked up a tube for myself. I’m obsessed with bright lipstick + winged black eye-liner, now if only I was able to do my own eyes that way…

fuchsia lipstick

5 thoughts on “The Round Up: March 1 2013

  1. Yes to pink lipstick! I love MAC's 'Lickable' – I bought it to celebrate having my braces put on…figured, if people are going to be looking at my mouth, I might a well deck it out in a great colour –


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