#Jlosleg Grammy’s Style 2013


How the Grammy’s inspired my fashion do’s & dont’s …

Was everyone watching the Grammy’s last night? Or perhaps you were like me and half way through you had to change the channel to accommodate your unhealthy Revenge addiction? **Spoiler Alert ** how omfg were you when Queen V shot her in cold blood? And were you not amused to see that smirk on Victoria’s face when Conrad walked in and saw the bloody body lying on the floor of the pool house? Ohhh drama! 

Anywho, back to the Grammy’s. By now we are all over the excitement of Jlo’s leg and the spoof of the new Grammy show rules, or are we? I for one am not, and as a result I was inspired to record for the first time ever a written account of my top 10 fashion rules. 

I have been living by these rules for quite some time, but never before revealed them to the public, most of these have been family secrets between my mother and I for many years, ok, majority of them are actually pet peeves of my mother’s and I which I have turned into rules. 

So sit back and enjoy Novello’s Top 10 Fashion Do’s & Dont’s 

10. Break the rules. How many times have you heard this? “There are no rules in fashion” etc etc. That’s because its true! White after labour day, mixing red with pink, women wearing mens clothing, an entire outfit of denim, these are all trends at the moment, what does that tell you? Hello, duh, it tells you to break the rules! 

9. Having said that; do not become a slave to fashion trends. There is a very confusing, fine line here. While it’s alright to embrace trends don’t become a walking billboard for a certain brand, always incorporate your own style into the mix and don’t be afraid to just be YOURSELF. 

8. Mix it up. I like to mix my Zara jeans with a Joe Fresh t-shirt, paired with Louboutin’s. My favourite outfits actually come about this way, by mixing high end designers with more affordable lines I have added more variety to my wardrobe and I’m not broke…ok fine I’m still broke, but like I said, I have more variety in my wardrobe. 

7. Pile on the accessories. Speaking of affordable, accessories have never been more accessible and affordable then they are today. With so many to choose from why not stock up every season. I live by the mantra of “when you think you have enough accessories on, add two more”. 

6. Dress in climate appropriate clothing. Ohh Lordy, I cannot stress this enough. Please don’t be one of those women walking the Streets of Toronto in February wearing no stockings, and no coat because you think it will get you into the club faster. Trust me, I tried it, the only thing it gets you is pneumonia. 

5. Clean your shoes. My grandfather taught my mother to always have clean shoes, because that is one element people notice right away as you are approaching them. I am always concious of this, especially during these winter months when snow residue and salt can actually ruin your shoes. So you’re prolonging the life of your shoes by keeping them cleaned and polished, and you end up looking clean and polished, win, win. 

4. If it don’t fit don’t wear it. Why would you choose to spend all day uncomfortable, adjusting and pulling at your clothes simply because they are not the correct size? Do I really need to elaborate…..? 

3. While I’m on the topic of size, lets just discuss shoes. There is nothing that bothers me more then seeing a lady with a pair of pumps with two extra inches in the back. I truly want to trip these women, and then of course help them up off the ground and say “Ohhh it must have been your shoes, they are too large honey” 

2. Do not over expose your flesh. Unless you are selling yourself on a street corner there is no reason why you should have bare legs, bare back and bare arms all together.  I am actually a huge fan of long sleeve super short dresses, they look much classier and when paired with high heels your leg becomes the focal point and your arms and chest can step aside and allow them to have the spotlight just for one night. 

1. If you are wearing head to toe Versace then please feel free to ignore rule number 2. To illustrate this point, and the powers of Versace, please see pictorial evidence blow. 

So there you have it, if you have your own set of rules and would like to share them with me then please feel free to comment. 

*Image from wikipedia: The image is a historically significant image in fashion of which no free image is available for. The image is of a low resolution and is believed not to effect the copyright holder in anyway and is needed to put the article in context. 

2 thoughts on “#Jlosleg Grammy’s Style 2013

  1. I totally agree with the mixing brands, sometimes a total look looks great though but mostly it is when your head to toe in 3.1Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang or something alike. The problem with that is, no way to afford it. So I stick with your rule, mix it!

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